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A growing trend where photographers capture Motherhood in a special way that the mom-to-be and dad-to-be could cherish this phase forever.

Pregnancy phase is very vital in a couple’s life celebrating their moment of making a family. Photographers / artists around the globe are making beautiful photographs of the mom-to-be as fine-art portraits for their Maternity Memoirs.

The dad-to-be is also included in for the couple photographs showcasing the baby-bump and for the drama shots.

Get a photo-shoot done of your beauty during your pregnancy with a new style called Maternity Photography. Antony Pratap who started Nevervoid Photography 8 years ago loves to put his experience together as a maternity photographer to make beautiful candid fine-art photos for you to cherish them for a lifetime.

There are some real good memories you can take by a professional maternity photographer while you are having a baby-bump. This moment in your life is to be remember and cherished forever by getting a maternity photoshoot done. This is a most unique and important times in a coupe's life where they would be expecting which is a new addition to their life.

Bangalore based professional photographer, Antony Pratap says this year has been the third year since he has been making beautiful memories of pregnancy. Capturing the mom-to-be when she is glowing and being happy about life growing inside her is his expertise. It is a magical phase in life which should have memories frozen with maternity or pregnancy photography.

Antony Pratap has been featured in many famous only blogs like Polka CafeWebneel, and many more. You can also follow his Facebook page.

Maternity photography work is that of the finest art, done by a professional maternity photographer, and transform a photo into that of a flawless masterpiece which the mom-to-be is going to treasure.

Antony takes the mom-to-be outdoors to a park, or any outdoor location and uses natural light to his advantage and captures the best of the mom-to-be's expressions. He later uses unique editing skills to truly make an amazing photograph. Go ahead and enjoy the beautiful visuals he has created. You can also contact him for your Maternity or Pregnancy photoshoot requirements for pricing and packages.