About Nevervoid Photography

Nevervoid Photography was founded by me, Antony Pratap in the year 2008.

I have a flair for different photography genres ranging across creative portraiture, fitness photography, corporate headshots, freezing humble-dramatic candid moments, to street photography.

My work has been published in local newspapers and online websites and publications. I have also served many corporate clients. Photography services right from corporate portraits, events, to their products. 

The team is based in Bangalore providing photography services all around.


I love creating images that convey a message or a mood. To start with I was just editing images, later when the time had come I invested in gear and started making images. I began my journey into photography in the year 2008, a self-taught photographer who also takes up one on one sessions for the ones who love to learn.

Now, I currently provide niche photography services for my clients. My mission is to provide world-class photography services with a lot of creativity and thought bringing out a piece of art using the latest methods of editing styles, thereby making beautiful memories.

I try to use technology and software along with natural light to make images.

I do give enough time during the photoshoot session to be relaxed and to mainly enjoy the experience of making images for you. Be it, a portrait session, family, or even headshots.

Services we offer:

Fitness photography

Wedding photography

Maternity portrait session

Baby and kids session



Interiors / Architectures


Being an engineer; vibrant pixels painting stunning imagery lit a fire, edifying me into this journey.

I'm more than proud to let you know that we have started professional editing services for your memories via NEdits, a website focusing on photo-editing by real humans who use the only experience to edit your photos. We simply believe a Lightroom preset, a Photoshop action or a mobile app would not do justice to the edit you prefer.

The team transforms/edits your photo, prints, frames it, and delivers it to your doorstep.

I also love how technology has empowered the one who has smartphones to make beautiful photos without needing a DSLR or a camera. I run a Mobile Photography website where you can learn more about smartphone photography and editing using your mobile.

Welcome to my photography website, hope you enjoy the visuals. Cheers!

Antony Pratap - professional photographer for over 10 years
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