Professional headshots for the brand you make of yourself
Clean professional headshots for your branding

Your profile picture will take you places.

Professional headshot photography at your office premises
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Your first impression is the BEST impression.

The process

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1/2 photoshoot session

All photos will be given to you

The best 5 photos you choose will be advanced edited

Delivery in 2 days

Poses will be assisted

Costing - 3,899 INR 


1. I'm not confident or maybe I'm camera shy, though I would like some good photos of me. 

We have years of experience working with people and their expressions, we are confident that we can guide you to bring out your best expression for the perfect headshot. You have to stay comfortable and have fun during the photoshoot.

2. What should I wear?

You can bring a variety of costumes comprising of two sets: business, casuals. Your costumes should reflect your personality. Please make sure they are pressed and have less or no crease. You can bring them along as well and wear them just before the session. Solid colours are preferable, try to avoid patterns or prints.

3. How long does it take to complete the session?

The shoot time usually depends on the number of looks and how quickly you get into your confident mode. Mostly it should take about half to one hour. 

4. What about makeup and styling?

We do not provide these services at the moment. But please be advised that you need to be your best which is achieved with a good night's sleep, rest, and grooming.

5. When will I get my photos?

You will get your photos the next day via a link to download all the high-resolutions.

6. How can I book a headshot photography session?

Since you have made up your mind which is a good decision, you can head to the Menu right on top of our website, and tap Make a Booking.

This is how it works:

1. A quick discussion over the phone with the photographer about what you would like to achieve from your photoshoot.

2. You will get all the photos shot during the session and you get to choose the best.

3. We shoot until you are happy within the estimated time mentioned during booking.

4. Once you have selected the photo that you like, you will have to let the photographer know.

5. We retouch or edit the photos to make them even better.

6. Your photos will be emailed to you.



What is headshot photography?

Headshot photography is a modern portrait of the individual's face from the head to the shoulder or a little lower. The focus is in the eyes of the subject. Headshots are mostly and typically looking straight into the camera. There are different types of styles that can be used to take a headshot; low-key, high-key, and monochromes.

Makeup is very subtle as these images are used for professional reasons.

They are used for social media profiles like LinkedIn, Job portals, Resumes, and on corporate websites. Headshot photos are also edited very minimally and not creatively or dramatically.

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