Over 550 expecting couples have availed our Maternity Photography services. Professional poses suggested for the couples magical portraits. Photoshoot indoors or outdoors at your convenience. Wardrobe suggestions are provided in terms of colour, contrast, and fit. You can also include your loved ones in the session. You can also view our packages here.

Got a question? 

What is Maternity Photography?

When you have happy news and your baby bump starts showing up, then is the time you really need a photoshoot to preserve the joy in your hearts as memories. You and your partner then look for a photographer who specializes in taking Maternity portraits. Once you find a professional photographer, you contact them and ask for a quotation. Initial stages of motherhood are documented by taking photographs and preserving them. 

When is the right time to take a maternity photography session?

32nd week or the start of 8th month is ideal for a photoshoot session as the babybump would be prominent and in good shape for the photographer to capture beautiful memories of you and your partner. It is personal though, you can watch your health and how you feel and you can plan accordingly. Some new parents wish to have every month to be documented as photographs of how the babybump grows out. Some get a portfolio session done before the last month's due date.

What kind of costumes or attire is advisable for the photoshoot?

Light or dark coloured attire is apt. If the photoshoot is outdoors, try to avoid leaf green colour dresses if your background is going to be of greenery. Try and match a colour contrast of yours to your partner's. Try to avoid wearing the same colour costume. Body hugging attire is advisable if you wish to see a prominent babybump. 

Would you suggest Maternity poses, or ideas?

Yes, we will assist you with the poses for single mom photos, couple photos, if you have an elder kid(s) poses and family group pictures. We also capture candid photographs of the new parents.

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