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Precious, Gracious, Forever loved natural portraits of new parents with the baby bump.

Best to be taken between 32-36 weeks or the beginning of the 8th month of pregnancy. 

Maternity Photography
You have made us fall in love all over again.

1000+ happy clients. Creative photography for Maternity. Poses and wardrobe suggestions will be provided. Free photo frame & albums available.


Copy of Maternity Photography


50% transfer as an advance towards your confirmation for the photoshoot.

40% on location immediately after the session.

10% to receive the photos to download.


You can choose your favourite editing.

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Copy of Maternity Photography

I am Antony Pratap, and I am an artist who has been into artistic maternity portrait photography for over 6 years. 

My passion is to create beautiful portraits that are breathtaking during this new chapter of your life. 

What is Maternity Photography?

When you have happy news and your baby bump starts showing up, then is the time you really need a photoshoot to preserve the joy in your hearts as memories. You and your partner then look for a photographer who specializes in taking Maternity portraits. Once you find a professional photographer, you contact them and ask for a quotation. The initial stages of motherhood are documented by taking photographs and preserving them. 

When is the right time to take a maternity photography session?

32nd week or the start of the 8th month is ideal for a photoshoot session as the baby bump would be prominent and in good shape for the photographer to capture beautiful memories of you and your partner. It is personal though, you can watch your health and how you feel and you can plan accordingly. Some new parents wish to have every month be documented as photographs of how the baby bump grows out. Some get a portfolio session done before the last month's due date.

What kind of costumes or attire is advisable for the photoshoot?

Light or dark coloured attire is apt. If the photoshoot is outdoors, try to avoid leaf green colour dresses if your background is going to be of greenery. Try and match a colour contrast of yours to your partner's. Try to avoid wearing the same colour costume. Body-hugging attire is advisable if you wish to see a prominent baby bump. 

Would you suggest Maternity poses or ideas?

Yes, we will assist you with the poses for single mom photos, couple photos, if you have an elder kid(s) poses and family group pictures. We also capture candid photographs of the new parents.



Maxi Dress: This costume will be more comfortable for an outdoor photoshoot. But make sure you have it fit around the baby bump so that it is accentuated.

Gowns: Mostly maternity portraitsare made using a gown because it gives an angelic feel. A well-fit gown around the baby bump will be the best.

Flying gowns: This is the new trend of costume for the new mommy. These gowns have long trails on either side of the gown or only a tail. The trail will have to be flown up giving it a wavy look.

Tops: Maternity tops along with matching bottoms also is a good set.

Funny tees: Tshirts that have funny quotes about Maternity also could be used to bring out quirky expressions.


Solid colours: One colour or solid colours will look elegant. It can be red, blue, maroon, mustard, et all. Pastel colours are also advisable. Match your partner also accordingly, for example, if the mom-to-be is going to wear red, then the dad-to-be can be matched with light blue and vice versa.

Try not to wear the same colours.

Light colours: White, off-white, ivory and other light colours are also apt for the photoshoot.


Can I bring props for the photoshoot?

Yes, you surely can bring in properties or the elements you feel will add value to this photoshoot session. We would be more than happy to use them to make memories for you.

When should I make a booking prior to the photoshoot?

Most weekends will have tentative bookings compared to weekdays. You can always try to block a date on our calendar (click to make a booking) at least 12-15 days prior to the day of the photoshoot.

What is the best time for the photoshoot?

This depends on the weather, and season during the year. It is always better to message (WhatsApp) the photographer to discuss the details. He will let you know if it is really good to have it in the morning or evening. If you have any specific time, you surely can let us know and we will work towards it.

Will my husband be included?

Yes, in fact, the photo shoot is about the new parent's new phase in life. You can also include your children if you may have. Feel free to add a few of your family members too.

What about costumes?

You can use your own or rent it from our partners. Try to avoid green or yellow. You can always take suggestions from us.

What about makeup and hair?

We do not provide these services. It is advisable that you do it on your own or get it done at a parlour near your place. In the outdoor park,  do not have any facility for power or place to get these done.

When will I get my photos?

You will get the first set of photos in 3 or 4 days. The tone edits will be delivered in 2 or 3 days. 


You can now order photo frames from us. Just send us a message and we will let you know the process. We edit, print, frame, and deliver the photo-frame to your doorstep.

  • Flower and succulent pot plant with frame mockup, 3D rendering
  • Maternity babybump photo printed and framed for your wall


There are different tones which we work with right from Indian made to International artists. Every photo you receive in the creative tone edits will be different.

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Creative and candid pregnancy photoshoot


Maternity portraits for the couple


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