Once you have got your appointment with the photographer, you would be aware of the location of the photo-shoot. Get prepared with this checklist for the outdoor photoshoot.

Preparing for an outdoor Maternity photoshoot session:


Mostly it is the start of the 8th month, that is around 29 to 32 weeks.


Talk to the photographer and agree upon timing for the photo-shoot. Call him or her the previous day as a reminder and to be in sync. It could be either the early first half of the day or a late second half of the day. Start early if you prefer the photo-shoot on seashores. If it is going to be a sunset, still start early.


Shopping / Costumes –

Talk to the photographer and find out what kind of costumes would be good for the photo-shoot. Mostly try to wear dresses that are right around the bump, which makes it more prominent.

For outdoors, try to avoid the colour green, as it may not blend well if the background is going to be full of greenery (you can still have a word with your photographer).

Props to shop –

Before buying any of these, you could ask the photographer if they have any props. Apart from what they may have you can pick up what you may like.




Letters (MOM, LOVE)

Big bar of chocolate

Soft toys


Wardrobe and Props –

Have the dress pressed and ready the previous day. Have the costumes packed which you are going to wear at the location. Carry an extra set of dress you would feel comfortable in, this is just incase if it rains, or if you wish to change into a comfy wear post the photo-shoot. Pack all the props the previous day.

These should include your: Hat Shades Accessories (neck, hands, etc.) Shawl Jackets, and others. (You get the idea)

Jewellery - if you have any rings or threads that are spiritual to you, you can have them removed just for the photograph. But this is 'clearly' left to you, if you want them in the photograph. The photographer should not have a problem, but it is our duty to let you know.

Sandals - you can wear the footwear you are comfortable walking in, like the flats. You could also carry your shoes, sandals you want to show off which you can later wear on location.

Mirror – you will need it to set your hair especially if it is going to be a windy day.

Moisturiser / Sun tan cream – this will help you especially when you are outdoors.

Deodorant - this will keep you fresh as you may never know how hot the day would be or because you are going to be walking around a bit.

Mosquito repellent – this will come of use if you are going to a park and if it is the second half of the day, especially when it is around 5 PM.

Tissues – needless to mention.

Umbrella – either to keep you safe from the sun or rain. Just carry it.


Sleep - do not wake up - get ready, and be available for the photo-shoot all in one go. This is to avoid a chubby face, or sleepy eyes. Make sure you wake up, have breakfast, feel the day for at least two hours and then head for the photo-shoot. This would include for your partner too.

Manicure - this is important because, most of the photos are of your baby-bump with your gentle hands around it. The hands come into the frame quite a lot.

Drinking water – hydration is very very important. The photo-shoot will be fun and tiring, it’s worth the experience. Don’t forget the water.

Snacks / fruits – if the baby gets hungry, or you could eat in the name of the baby.

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